Let's help Amanda & Casa Stella make the move.

Take a look at these photos of the new location for Casa Stella.

Thank you!

From our community. 


Benefiting: Casa Stella, a grassroots Waldorf education initiative.

Purpose: To move a new location and begin a Waldorf kindergarten

Deadline: February 24th 2015 *updated

Goal: $3,000

The story: In February 2014, Amanda Tipton started her journey as the founder of a grassroots Waldorf Education Initiative. Her dream is to offer Waldorf education to children and parents from all walks of life.  Amanda also wants to offer teacher training opportunities and to help create an Ecuadorian Waldorf Education Association.

Yes, these are big goals and in order to achieve every single one of them, she is taking small steps.   Today, we can help her make each step a reality.

Here are her goals:

2014: Money raised $1,500

  • Start the initiative by creating a beautiful space that showcases the typical Waldorf classroom.
  • Bring Waldorf-trained teachers to offer workshops to parents and teachers in order to educate them and show them that there is an alternative to traditional education.
  • Offer Waldorf-inspired classes for children
  • And the most important: to create a community of parents, teachers and children around the initiative. At the moment we have 7 committed families from a variety of backgrounds; we have theater actors, university employees, yoga instructors, entrepreneurs and many more to come.

2015: Money needed $3,000

Amanda has a big goal to accomplish which is to open a Waldorf Kindergarten and begin the process of creating the Ecuadorian Waldorf Education Association. Let's help Amanda make the move!


Goal amount $3,000


Money Raised

107% Raised of $3,000

Mario Burbano $100

Janice Crowther $100

Bobby McLennan $100

Scarlett Dunn $25

Tina Campbell $25

Emily Tinsley $300

Rose Trapnell $50

David Maciolek $60

Kevin & Cynthia Corby $50

Dean Browell $50

Dana Pauly $25

Oliver Platts-Mills $50

Sandra Blum $500

Sonya Shafer $50

Gloria Trejo $50

Brittany Glass & Ben Cobb $40

Susan Mead $25

Betsy Kuck $50

Emily Dehaven Rosson $35

Pete & Beth Crow $50

Betsy Gimenez $40

Eric & Rebecca Crocker $50

Rick Bain $200

Ahn Iten $25

Kenneth Colonel $150

Teresa Fogus and Nick Selan $25

Angela Wilson $25

Hendaya Haggerty $60

Rich Newman $100

Autumn Cook $25

Christina White $25

Daphaine Lynch $25

Natalie Reyes $25

Dan Nieves $100

Jennifer Adams $25

Craig & Susan Tenney $50

Kim & Leon Shuman $50

Staci Leech-Cornell $25

Rachel Troyer $35

Joe & Patty Shaver $25

Paige, Bill, and Sukha $25

Iris Katherine $25

Dorothy Kolomeisky $200

Michael Pinchera & Andrea Lyman $50

Susan Zuniga $25

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